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The Blossoming of Erotogenic Coupling (2020)

A Not So Silent Night (2020)

Wendall and Charlotte invite their best friends, Henry and Vivian, over for dinner with thoughts of a simple evening playing board games and drinking wine. To their surprise, their best friends suddenly try to talk them into a foursome. As the conversation moves forward, Wendall and Charlotte actually find themselves wanting to take part in their friend's new hobby. Written by "Our Todd" Productions

Frankie, Nick and Zayer are in deep debt to a big crime boss. They need money, and fast. They plan to rob a house, which they know will be empty, on Christmas Eve. During the midnight robbery they run into an unexpected visitor. Things get wild and soon they're on the run with no cash to pay back their debt with time running out.

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In Production 

Coming Soon 2021

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A 12 episode, Original Web series where our main characters, Andy and Jules Woolever open a fully functioning bar in their garage and find themselves serving their friends as though they were patrons.


"Our Todd" Productions 

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